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What to pack on the day!

This is always one of those conundrums, where you sit with a bag and contemplate what to put in it! These situations are all part of life's rich pattern, a wedding where the attire says "beachfront semi formal" WHAT! or a long weekend in the lakes where you somehow have to pack shorts and T-shirt and winter warmers, as well as a raincoat!.

No need to stress! We've got you covered!

Walking Shoes

These are a must, or at least a decent pair of trainers. The terrain for the whole of the walk is anything from thick grass, to boggy mud, to gravel walkways so you are likely to encounter lots of different scenarios. It's also a good idea not to buy new and wear them for the first time on the walk, best to "walk them in" first and make sure they are comfy.


These are always a good idea just in case your shoes do start to rub! An extra pair of socks is always a good shout too.

Water or liquid of your choice

Well we are 70% water so we need to hydrate. You should always carry at least 1 - 2 litres even on a short walk. If you have a water bottle that keeps the water cold even better!

We do provide waters stops at the start and at various points on the walk. There are also pubs and cafes at various locations too.

Waterproof jacket & Sunscreen

We all just love our great British weather and you can never be sure what it's going to do. One minute is boiling and you are lathering on the sunscreen, the next minute it's throwing it down. Best to be prepared!

Layer up your clothing

To be on the safe side, not knowing what the weather will be like its best to layer up then at least you know you can remove items as you go.


Most of us have camera's on our phones these days! The Test Way is such a stunning walk I am sure you will take many. Please share these with us as you go, we love to see what you are all up to. Don't forget to tag us in! @walkthetestway or @rotaryinromsey

Snacks or lunch on route

No matter how long or short the route, its best to pack lots of snacks. Hunger can strike at any moment and you definitely want to be prepared. Fruit or energy bars are great for a quick fix!

There are pubs, cafes and picnic areas at various points on the walk where you can stock up if you need.

Other items to consider packing Chapstick, Headphones, Sunglasses, Hat & Gloves.

FINISH LINE Must haves!

Sliders or flip fops or even your comfy slippers, after a long walk there is nothing in the world that feels better than unlacing your walking shoes, peeling off your socks and putting on something comfy.

Fresh clothes always a nice idea, there are toilets at the finish line so whether you are hot and sticky or got absolutely soaked you can go home in some kind of comfort.

Please be aware the car park at Crossfield Hall is a good 400 m walk from the finish line.

There are Marshalls and First Aid at points along the whole walk, so if you have a problem we have got your back!

Good luck from everyone here at Rotary Club of Romsey Test!

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