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Charity Fundraisers - we can help
Fundraising without the fuss!

The WTTW is run by the Rotary Club as a service for charities to raise funds without the burden & costs of running a major event.  


In return for this service, we charge 20% of money raised to cover any shortfall in event costs plus funding our own charitable activities.

Simply encourage your supporters to register to Walk the Test Way for your organisation. At registration walkers indicate their chosen charity and pay their own registration fees.

We organise and run this large event - frees your resources - providing all volunteer staff & marshals, first  aid, extra signage, transport, insurance .......

We have facilities that may help you attract walkers and corporate sponsors:


  • Companies can pay the registration fees for their walkers via a voucher scheme.


  • Fundraising can be done via Rotary using our WTTW Event Just Giving Pages or WTTW sponsorship sheets. In this case, money flows initially to Rotary’s Trust Fund, and then we distribute 80% of sponsorship funds collected to your charity.


  • With our 'Corporate Option', Fundraising can also use your charities or a company's own ‘Giving Mechanism’. Here the funds flow directly to your charity, and you agree that Rotary can invoice you for 20% after the walk is complete.


We can also help by provided landing pages or support for charity specific posters.


These facilities are described in more details below.

Please download this document which details all of these approaches.


Please contact the Registrar if you need more details or want to set up a Corporate Scheme.

Please see our media download page that may help as well.

Some of the 300 Charities from £1,100,000 raised over the past 20 years:

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