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How to  get sponsorship & raise funds

There are special Fundraising and Registration arrangement for walkers supporting following charities. See links:


FOR ALL OTHER CHARITIES -  this is how we collect & distribute the sponsorship money:

All fundraising for your chosen charity, including JustGiving, must be done through the charity "Rotary Club of Romsey Test Trust Fund".

After the walk, all donations including GiftAid are paid to Rotary. This applies to donations via JustGiving  and donations raised using sponsorship sheets. Where appropriate Rotary claims the Gift Aid. Please encourage your sponsors to tick the Gift Aid box if they are eligible to do so. This increases the funds you raise for your charity by 25% and applies equally to JustGiving and sponsorship sheets.


We then distribute 80% to your chosen charities. The remaining 20% is used for our own Rotary charitable activities.

Experience has shown that JustGiving is by far the easiest & most effective method of fundraising. However, If you prefer to sign up sponsors face to face you can use paper sponsorship sheets.

How much should you raise?


The volunteers of the Rotary Club of Romsey Test run the event to enable walkers to raise funds for their chosen charities and to allow our Rotary Club to raise funds for our own Rotary charitable activities. Note: The registration fee only covers the cost of running the event.

We suggest you aim for a minimum of £50 per walker - at the last WTW the walkers achieved an average of £100 each.

Using Just Giving

Setting up a JustGiving Page is Easy!

You can set up a JustGiving page for the event when registering for the Walk. 

Simply click the JustGiving icon and follow the instructions.

  • If you are new to JustGiving, then click ‘sign up’ at the bottom of the JustGiving log-in screen and go through the instructions to first create an account and, then a fundraising page.

  • If you already have a JustGiving Account then simply log-in and follow the instructions to set up a fundraising page

After the fundraising page is created, you can personalise it by adding a profile picture, telling your story, etc. and setting up a text code for mobiles. Your story should refer to your chosen charity and team members.

Now send a link to your supporters and encourage them to donate. They can even donate using their mobile phones with a 6 digit code.

JustGiving will send the donations including Gift Aid to Rotary for distribution to your chosen charity.

If as we recommend you have created your JustGiving page before registering then please return to the Registration page to continue your registration process.

Otherwise, to help us correctly assign funds, please edit your ActiveNetworks Registration and copy your JustGiving link into the registration form.

REMEMBER the page you create must be for the benefit of  the charity ‘Rotary Club of Romsey Test Trust Fund’ and for the ‘Walk the Test Way 2024’ event.(This is because all fundraising is done through the Rotary Club of Romsey Test Trust Fund for your charity.)

Using Sponsorship Sheets

While we strongly recommend using Just Giving, if you prefer to sign up sponsors face to face, you can download and print a paper sponsorship form here:

Editable Word Document>


 Printable PDF Document>

Please encourage your sponsors who are tax payers to complete their postal address details and tick the "Gift Aid" box as this allows us to collect Gift Aid from HMRC that adds an extra 25% to their sponsorship at no cost either to the sponsor or yourself!

Sponsorship money can be submitted either by:

  • Cheque Payable to The Rotary Club of Romsey Test Trust Fund by post to 'The Treasurer, Walk the Test Way, c/o Royal British Legion, Love Lane, Romsey, SO51 8DE0'. Please write your Name and Walk Registration Numbers on the back of cheque.

  • Bank Transfer to 'Co-operative Bank plc, account name 'WALK ACCOUNT', Sort Code 08-92-99, account number A/C 65802667'. Please ensure that you reference your Name and Walk Registration/Bib number(s).

  • We will also accept payments when you check in on walk day.

You must enclose the original completed Sponsorship Form when you submit the money collected otherwise we cannot collect this extra 25% from the Government.

It would be helpful if you could also send an email to: with the payment details.

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