Youth In Romsey - Walk the Test Way - Sponsored Charity Walk

Youth In Romsey

Youth in Romsey is a support centre for all young people aged between 5-25 years.  We are a charity organisation that started in 2000. Our aim is to help young people according to their needs, to explore issues affecting their lives, to solve problems and to help them make informed decisions.

At YiR, we offer the following services:-

Employment Service – We help young people job search and complete applications. We support with CV writing, covering letters, interview skills and practice.  We are able to offer careers guidance and help young people with applying for training courses and college and university applications.
One-to-one Support – Confidential support given on a one-to-one basis to any young person that requires it. This could include support with anxiety, self-harm, depression, anger and anything else.

Counselling – We fund a fully qualified counsellor who supports young people with more complex needs.

Money Skills Course – We run money management courses – helping young people learn the skills to budget, understand bank statements, payslips, types of loans and fraud.

Anger Course – We offer anger management courses either in a group setting or on a one-to-one basis.  These courses give young    people strategies and techniques to manage their anger.

Skills for Work Course – A programme for young people with learning disabilities. The course runs at a pace suitable for those attending covering unwritten rules of work, understanding body language, how to deal with problems at work and getting through an interview. It also focuses on telephone skills, making small talk and meeting and greeting a interviewer.

Sexual Health Service – We have a confidential sexual health clinic that runs once a month.  However, we offer advice and support,    condoms and pregnancy and Chlamydia testing during all of our opening times.

School Drop-ins and session work – We go into both our local secondary schools one lunchtime each weekto promote our service and to provide information on a topic related to young people. We run informal sessions in school on subjects such as: alcohol, drugs, sexual health, stress etc.

Allsorts Youth Club – Allsorts Youth Club is a club for young people with disabilities. This was added to the organisation in 2011 when Hampshire County Council withdrew its youth services.  This much-needed club runs every Wednesday evening providing activities and the opportunity to learn new skills and improve in confidence.

Monday Night Club – Monday Night Club is a club for people aged 6-11 years. The club is supported by young people aged 14-16 years. Activities at the club include art, poole, team games, board games and cookery

We work with around 150 individuals each month with additional 250 people being supported during our drop-ins, groups and youth clubs.